Janet Carter

When I started planning my St. Louis wedding from Redding, California, I thought I could do it myself. It became a very daunting task very quickly. Luckily, I found Ashley Rath. She is amazing. We spoke over the phone and I didn’t hesitate to book her services. She is incredibly knowledgeable, sincere and honest. She is a visionary. She took my wedding to the next level. She listened to me and took my ideas and elevated them exponentially. One of the best traits about Ashley is her unbelievable sense of humor. When I became crazy (because, eventually, the bride will become a little crazy) she was completely even-keeled. The woman doesn’t frazzle at all. There was nothing that I had to deal with myself. She took care of absolutely everything. I really don’t know how she does it. She is so completely detailed oriented. I think of a lot of things, but Ashley thinks of EVERYTHING. There were multiple rentals, a brunch, hotel arrangements, invitations, flowers, the list goes on and on, but Ashley has contacts in every genre. The best part is, her contacts are amazing as well. She has a great rapport with people in the service industry, so she can call upon her circle for recommendations and suggestions. She is incredibly well connected. I could never have had the wedding that I had without Ashley. If you want to actually enjoy your beautiful wedding day stress-free, call Ashley today, she can make it happen.

Ashley Rath